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Ink & Toner Refill Service

Save up to 50% refill your ink and toner printer cartridge from Peacock ink and toner refill services.

We are number one ink toner refill service provider in city of Toronto.With over 100 locations to serve you . We use a state of art refill method . Easy drop off and pick up service no mess no hassel. Very professional service and satisfaction guaranteed!

Print Green,Say No To Landfill!


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 You drop off your empty cartridges at one of our agent store. Peacock pick up daily except Sunday and holiday. Our technician process the cartridges in our workshop. We deliver your cartridges back to our agent stores. You can pick up your refilled cartridges within 2 business days. Find out which stores is convenience to you ,please check the Peacock ink refill agent network google map.






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