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Eco Friendly Inks

Why Remanufactured Cartridges are a Sustainable Choice

You may do your best to avoid unnecessary printing because of the resources consumed (paper, power, ink and toner cartridges) or because of the significant costs involved to the environment as well as your pocket. Remanufactured cartridges can help you reduce these costs. They not only save you up to 80% on your printer cartridges, but they are also a sustainable, environment friendly choice.

Remanufactured cartridges - a more sustainable, greener choice

Original equipment manufacturer ink and toner cartridges (also called OEM or 'genuine' cartridges) are made from scratch. Each component of the cartridge, including the silicon circuit, the ink distributor, and the ink tank, is made using resources such as rubber, plastic, steel and aluminum. OEM toner cartridges need about 5 pints of oil and OEM ink cartridges need 2 pints of oil during the manufacturing process.

Numbers You Should Know

  • Each cartridge becomes 3.5 pounds of solid waste.
  • 80% of cartridges (over 350 million cartridges each year) are thrown away instead of recycled.
  • It takes 450-1000 years for a cartridge to decompose in landfills.

What happens to these ink and toner cartridges when you're done with them? Usually, they end up in landfills. The materials used in printer cartridges take hundreds of years to decompose. According to some estimates this process could take as long as 1000 years!

Remanufactured cartridges on the other hand are made from recycled cartridges, ensuring that fewer used cartridges end up in landfills and that fewer resources are used up when making ink and toner cartridges.

Here are some of the reasons why remanufactured cartridges are more Earth friendly and pocket friendly:

  1. Resource conservation

    Used ink and toner cartridges are recycled and refilled with ink to produce remanufactured cartridges. These are repurposed cartridges that use far fewer resources.
  2. Green and Sustainable choice

    The process of remanufacturing cartridges prevents used cartridges from ending up in landfills. This reduces pollution and helps you reduce your carbon footprint.
  3. Economical

    The fact that you can save up to 80% by using remanufactured cartridges as opposed to OEM ink and toner cartridges can make a significant difference, whether you have printing needs for your business or home.

Find out more about recycling cartridges and about drop off points for used cartridges by reading instructions that may be printed on the packaging or checking the company website. Some office supply stores also accept used ink and toner cartridges for recycling. Help yourself to go green and reduce your carbon footprint by shopping remanufactured cartridges at Peacockinkjet.com.

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